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Welcome Ubuntumaniac…We have some stuff awaiting you

Firefox Fonts Hurts in Linux

Are you tired of the small fonts you have been lookin in firefox for months?Many of use the ctrl++ option to make it bigger…but it makes the webpage look ugly.Here is a complete solution to change that into clear and crisp fonts..(Tested in Ubuntu 8.04) —>Install msttcorefonts , gsfonts , gsfonts-other and gsfonts-x11. sudo apt-get

Crappy Article at Microsoft It says “This article assumes that Linux is already installed on your computer’s hard disk, that Linux native and Linux swap partitions are in use (which are incompatible with Windows XP),” Microsoft LIES again!

Kaffeine And Amarok Dont Play After Hardy Upgrade

I’m was having a hard time when i first upgraded from 7.10 to Hardy. First problem: the Kaffeine refuses to play DVDs. Yes, I have already install the entire Medibuntu repository, the newest version of libdvdcss to play encrypted dvds, and the message from kaffeine is always the same:

Welcome Tuxians

I’m kranny,a 20 year old dude From India..I love open source stuff and my linux Box.Not long Ago i Started Using Linux , but when I did start, this became my most delightful operating system.I have used amost every linux flavour and finally stuck to the taste of Ubuntu and Slackware and U can find

A Word Of Caution :Linux NewBies

Recently On Orkut,a user was Asking me that he executed some random comand which he doesnt know and all his files were deleted.Thank God He dint Have Root permissions.So I explained Him to not try anything he doesnt know (esp found on Forums or for that matter anywhere on Net) on a computer that has