Firefox Fonts Hurts in Linux

Are you tired of the small fonts you have been lookin in firefox for months?Many of use the ctrl++ option to make it bigger…but it makes the webpage look ugly.Here is a complete solution to change that into clear and crisp fonts..(Tested in Ubuntu 8.04)

—>Install msttcorefonts , gsfonts , gsfonts-other and gsfonts-x11.

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts gsfonts gsfonts-other gsfonts-x11

goto System—>preferences–>appearance–>fonts
Change Everything to Verdana except the windows title font which u change to Verdana Bold
If u use LCD Select the Subpixel smoothing Option or else leave it to Monochrome

—>Goto details in the same window and Smoothing should be Subpixel and Hinting should be Full
—>Open Firefox–>edit—>preferences—>content
Under Fonts change it to times new roman and under advanced change the size to 12..
Close Firefox and restart the X-server for the settings to take effect..
U should Be done with

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