Kaffeine And Amarok Dont Play After Hardy Upgrade

I’m was having a hard time when i first upgraded from 7.10 to Hardy. First problem: the Kaffeine refuses to play DVDs. Yes, I have already install the entire Medibuntu repository, the newest version of libdvdcss to play encrypted dvds, and the message from kaffeine is always the same:
This DVD Video is encrypted. To be able to watch it you will need to install libdvdcss by running from a console: sudo /usr/share/doc/kaffeine/install-css.sh. In some countries it is illegal to install the decryption software without permission from the video copyright holder.
Yes, I ran this “/usr/share/doc/kaffeine/install-css.sh” from root console, everything apparently OK. But kaffeine again repeated this dreadful message. I don’t know what to do.
Another thing: the Amarok simply does not play audio cds, and does not give any explanation, contrary to Kaffeine. It simply says it couldn’t read the cd.
As i was Explaining in my previous post that a Clean install is always wise than an upgrade,same holds her too


In the Kaffeine menu go to Settings -> xine Engine Parameters -> media and
set dvd.device to /dev/dvd1 instead of /dev/dvd.Donno the reason but the dvd device in /dev is called dvd1 now in ubuntu 8.04.After that I could play the dvds…
The same trick applies for amarok too..Change the settings in the following way:
dev/cdrom —-> dev/cdrom1.

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  3. Great!!!

    Have been having the same situation with Kaffeine. I even decided to use VLC instead because of this issue. Did what you suggested, changed /dev/dvd for /dev/dvd1 and it worked!!!

    Thank you.

  4. The solution to this problem that is posted is only a patch and it will work but you must do it to all the software that looks for the dvd that way.

    The best thing to do is leave all those packages the way they were at first and just remove (rename it to something else with the word backup is better) the file
    Then reboot your computer.

    All should now be working. It also will prevent any future problems
    and will make ALL the software work.

  5. In the meantime with Ubuntu 9.04 it has changed my “new” problem.
    But instead of changing /dev/dvd to /dev/dvd1.

    I changed “dev/dvd” to “dev/cdrom1”

    I hope this will help others as well.

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