Crappy Article at Microsoft

It says “This article assumes that Linux is already installed on your computer’s hard disk, that Linux native and Linux swap partitions are in use (which are incompatible with Windows XP),”

Microsoft LIES again! Or at least, they are myopically unaware of the information about file-system support for BOTH Linux native filesystem ext2, and the Linux swap partition format. YOU CAN use BOTH of these file systems AND get support for them, through their respective webpages (3rd party, of course).
Linux Swap partition driver AND support, for use under Windows XP:
Download “SwapFS”:
Get support:
Linux “ext2” partition read/write driver, AND support, for use under Windows XP:

Download “Ext2IFS” AND get support:

The page, nor the one linking to the use of fdisk talk about the “fdisk /mbr” commands, the most useful and important for removing linux and getting LILO, GRUB or some other bootloader out of the Master Boot Record. They say you can do it, they just don’t say how.i wonder why microsoft publishes such Least Useful ones.

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