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How to Unblock YouTube using Proxy Sites?

Most of the schools and institutions block YouTube because they consider YouTube as a distraction for students and employees. For us, YouTube is a great source of entertainment and knowledge but for authorities, it is just a waste of time and affects the productivity. We are not here to judge YouTube as we are here

Realplayer Problems on fedora7

Well, it was commonly heard that when realplayer was installed on fedora 5,6,7 it never started; even though it was installed properly and yeah I did face the same problem. And here is the solution – “Install compat-libstdc++-33 before installing realplayer”

Clean Install Better than an Upgrade

Letme Explain you the Reason why i confessed to this Before writing the actual article.I’ve faced a couple of Problems After Upgrade to Hardy which Appeared when i had a clean install of hardy on the other system.The Problem i faced are out of scope of this post.Anyways u can find it here

Install compiz fusion on hardy heron

I assume All the guys reading the post have already installed Ubuntu 8.04 which is a great release that lived up to the attention it received…So this is a small tutorial to install compiz fusion on ur new distro For that you have to enable your graphic card first , so you can use 3D