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6 Reasons Why I Love Perl

I’m a Recent convert to Perl,having only started using it a few months ago.Before this I had Handful experience with Shell Scripting which was quite useful.But switching to something new is always somewhat uncomfortable becauseĀ  there’s new syntax to learn, and sometimes whole new ways of doing things.Same is the case with Perl,but the pain

Tweak with Bash

This Post is very special to the bash lovers,which also includes me .I’m trying to put very special commands i use normally,at a place.So here I go:

Which java compiler do u use?

The other daywhen i was compiling some code in java,I had a doubt regarding the java packages installed on my ubuntu desktop i have both the Sun java and the GNU libgcj versions installed on my system. The problem here is, how to easily tell which java compiler to use, the sun version or other?let