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Sound Problems In hardy (Skipping/Stuttering)

When playing music on rhythmbox,I noticed that whenever I’m switching between open windows or firefox or Open Office, the music becomes choppy and starts to crackle and skip which is really Annoying in a great release like hardy.The Partial solution i found was to change all the values in Preferences -> Sounds to ALSA and

Firefox 2 Problems on Hardy Heron

Though i dint find a Reason switching from firefox 3 to firefox 2 on hardy heron,Just as a FF-3 riddance i had give it a shot.I have installed and tried running it in every way I could think of, but nothing went my way..It was only after a hour i came to know abt the

Install compiz fusion on hardy heron

I assume All the guys reading the post have already installed Ubuntu 8.04 which is a great release that lived up to the attention it received…So this is a small tutorial to install compiz fusion on ur new distro For that you have to enable your graphic card first , so you can use 3D