How to Unblock YouTube using Proxy Sites?

Most of the schools and institutions block YouTube because they consider YouTube as a distraction for students and employees. For us, YouTube is a great source of entertainment and knowledge but for authorities, it is just a waste of time and affects the productivity. We are not here to judge YouTube as we are here […]

Firefox 2 Problems on Hardy Heron

Though i dint find a Reason switching from firefox 3 to firefox 2 on hardy heron,Just as a FF-3 riddance i had give it a shot.I have installed and tried running it in every way I could think of, but nothing went my way..It was only after a hour i came to know abt the […]

Alternate Sify Clients For Linux

Are u Tired of Searching for an alternative dialer for sify on linux…Then here stops your search..So Finally Here’s the Complete Tutorial for your alternative sify client for linux which has been tested on both debian and rpm based systems…

Compiling Kernel (For newbies)

Actually u can find many tutorials regarding this,But i dint find a appropriate one suiting me when i compiled the kernel for the first tym a year backā€¦So thought of to give a detailed procedure

Configure yahoomail with thunderbird (Part 2)

This Post is completely dedicated to those who havent succeded in configuring webmail for the same which is described here..So we use Ypops(as an alternative) as it acts as a Yahoo server,and gets messages from Yahoo.