Configure yahoomail with thunderbird (Part 2)

This Post is completely dedicated to those who havent succeded in configuring webmail for the same
which is described here..So we use Ypops(as an alternative) as it acts as a Yahoo server,and gets messages from Yahoo.
use the PGP public key: kranny.gpg. Save this to a file (say kranny.gpg). And then use the following command to add the key:

root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo apt-key add kranny.gpg

Add the following line to the bottom of your /etc/apt/sources.list file:
deb ubuntu main

now its time for a update
root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo apt-get update
root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo apt-get install ypops

Now configure Ypops with ur yahoo account details.type in the command
root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -fgnome ypops

now enter basic information like Max no of emails,yahoo domain,connection timeout etc
and dont check connect to net via http proxy server and enable proxy authentication…
Important:put the bind address as and POP3 port no as 5110…Enable SMTP and its port must be 5025 and the rest inf u can give…now its time to reflect the ports inf in thunderbird
open thunderbird edit–>account settings–>server settings…enter the port numbers…

Now start Ypops with $ sudo /etc/init.d/ypops start

Voila u can access ur yahoomail from thunderbird now……

PS 1:i’m writing blogs very frequently…3rd blog of the day….
PS 2:i thk Part 2 will be much useful than part 1…

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