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Configure yahoomail with thunderbird

How reliable it wud be to have access to email from your yahoo/gmail account locally in your Thunderbird client.Actually me thinking this upgraded my thunderbird from 1.5 to 2.0 coz webmail 1.3.1 works on thunderbird 2.0….Btw webmail is an thunderbird extension used to integrate web site based email accounts like yahoo and gmail..Actually Y!mail disabled

i’m hearing to Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb

The other day when i was on some mailing list someone posed me a question.He wanted to add a line at the end of his emails telling about what song was currently playing on his XMMS.

Making Flash Player Plugin work with Firefox in Ubuntu 7.10

Erased previous installation and installed Ubuntu 7.10 afresh. When I tried to check the blog stats in, which uses Flash for the chart, it gave me a missing plugin error. It also showed me a little pop up to install the plugin, but unfortunately it did not work. So I decided to try the

Setup a Dialup connection in linux

ive found this to be a problem for every new-bie and thought of to share with u guys.Actually i’m using ubuntu 7.04 at present.this post doesnt assume that your Linux distro recognises your modem. So first connect your modem and start off with lsusb and see the output if you see there your mobile’s manufacture