Alternate Sify Clients For Linux

Are u Tired of Searching for an alternative dialer for sify on linux…Then here stops your search..So Finally Here’s the Complete Tutorial for your alternative sify client for linux which has been tested on both debian and rpm based systems…

Get the Respective deb and rpm package from Below links
And u Better know how to deal with them….Just click and it will take care of evrything….It is tested on Fedora and ubuntu

Sify has made a Web-Browser Based Dialer which is quite reliable…
All u need to do is ask the Sify guys to enable web-based login for you..And After that they will give u a URL something like
View the pic here..

METHOD 3:use Supersify or Easysify with Wine …It works fine

Method 4:(Worked on Ubuntu)
Note the Settings of tcip/ip protocol in ur windows Xp
ip address xx.xx.xx.xx
subnet mask
default gateway xx.xx.xx.xx
Primary DNS

And When u boot into UBUNTU goto System–>Administration–>Network
And enter the above details here….
ull get a message like “Changing interface configuration”
And ur done with…

PS : if u have any problems lemme know

3 Replies to “Alternate Sify Clients For Linux”

  1. please help me to configure my internet settings in ubuntu 8.04(live cd)..
    i’m new to linux.. i’ve to login evrytime i start a session.
    give the the exact steps..
    also how can i play videos/audios etc…?

  2. Can u give the details of your internet provider so that i can help u?
    And to play audio get the gstreamer plugins and to play videos download vlc player..
    Btw i wud suggest to see and

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