Sound Problems In hardy (Skipping/Stuttering)

When playing music on rhythmbox,I noticed that whenever I’m switching between open windows or firefox or Open Office, the music becomes choppy and starts to crackle and skip which is really Annoying in a great release like hardy.The Partial solution i found was to change all the values in Preferences -> Sounds to ALSA and Confirmed that there’s something wrong with the new PulseAudio,which came out to be True…

Pulseaudio Fix :(For those Who want to use PulseAudio Instead Of Alsa)
PulseAudio appears to create stuttering audio issues on many systems, perhaps due to the default CPU scheduler in Hardy’s shipping kernel 2.6.24-16-generic or buffering problems.

Add your user to the groups “pulse-access” and “pulse-rt”:

$ sudo adduser $USER pulse-access
$ sudo adduser $USER pulse-rt

You also need to install “libflashsupport” (to hear sound on youtube )using synaptic or enter this in a terminal

$sudo apt-get install libflashsupport

GStreamer-based applications like Rhythmboxare stuttering.As i have said Earlier It may help if you set your default sound source to ALSA (Instead PulseAudio or Autodetect) in System/Preferences/Sound.

WINE: The ALSA driver does not appear to work well with PulseAudio. You can try setting the ESD driver via “winecfg”, but it is not as feature-rich as the other audio drivers. You can also try setting the OSS driver and then use the “padsp” OSS wrapper

Skype Open Skype’s Options, then go to Sound Devices. You need to set “Sound Out” and “Ringing” to the “pulse” device, and set “Sound In” to the hardware definition of your microphone. For example, my laptop’s microphone is defined as “hw:I4201DBIHC3,0”

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