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Upgrade errors

Hardy Upgrade Err-FF sucks after Update-The upgrade or install problems you faced Off late

Kaffeine And Amarok Dont Play After Hardy Upgrade

I’m was having a hard time when i first upgraded from 7.10 to Hardy. First problem: the Kaffeine refuses to play DVDs. Yes, I have already install the entire Medibuntu repository, the newest version of libdvdcss to play encrypted dvds, and the message from kaffeine is always the same:

Sound Problems In hardy (Skipping/Stuttering)

When playing music on rhythmbox,I noticed that whenever I’m switching between open windows or firefox or Open Office, the music becomes choppy and starts to crackle and skip which is really Annoying in a great release like hardy.The Partial solution i found was to change all the values in Preferences -> Sounds to ALSA and

Pidgin From Source

Well to start with Pidgin is a multi-protocol IM client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once.A small apt-get would install pidgin to your linux,but backports have their own after effects which ive faced yesterday(like libnotify error)…so decided to install it from source…here is a small howto install pidgin from

Configure yahoomail with thunderbird

How reliable it wud be to have access to email from your yahoo/gmail account locally in your Thunderbird client.Actually me thinking this upgraded my thunderbird from 1.5 to 2.0 coz webmail 1.3.1 works on thunderbird 2.0….Btw webmail is an thunderbird extension used to integrate web site based email accounts like yahoo and gmail..Actually Y!mail disabled