Which java compiler do u use?

The other daywhen i was compiling some code in java,I had a doubt regarding the java packages installed on my ubuntu desktop i have both the Sun java and the GNU libgcj versions installed on my system. The problem here is, how to easily tell which java compiler to use, the sun version or other?let

Configure yahoomail with thunderbird (Part 2)

This Post is completely dedicated to those who havent succeded in configuring webmail for the same which is described here..So we use Ypops(as an alternative) as it acts as a Yahoo server,and gets messages from Yahoo.

Configure yahoomail with thunderbird

How reliable it wud be to have access to email from your yahoo/gmail account locally in your Thunderbird client.Actually me thinking this upgraded my thunderbird from 1.5 to 2.0 coz webmail 1.3.1 works on thunderbird 2.0….Btw webmail is an thunderbird extension used to integrate web site based email accounts like yahoo and gmail..Actually Y!mail disabled

i’m hearing to Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb

The other day when i was on some mailing list someone posed me a question.He wanted to add a line at the end of his emails telling about what song was currently playing on his XMMS.

Configuring Vsftpd in Ubuntu

Actually the idea of this post comes from My friend kulbir saini .But his post much implied configuring on fedora.so thought of to make lyf easier 4 Ubuntu users…To start off with Vsftpd stands for very Secure FTP Daemon.Before configuring vsftpd itself, you must decide whether to run it as a standalone dæmon or by