i’m hearing to Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb

The other day when i was on some mailing list someone posed me a question.He wanted to add a line at the end of his emails telling about what song was currently playing on his XMMS.

Something like “Currently listening to Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb”. This is what I did.First create a file SongSignature.sh ss.sh with the following lines

echo Now listening to $@ > mysong.txt

Put it in your home directory and then do a chmod a+x ss.sh on it so that everyone has execute permissions on it. Next, start XMMS, goto Preferences, and in the Effect/General Plugins tab, select the Song Change plugin’s properties. Specify ~/.ss.sh %s in the properties box. What happens now is that whenever a song changes, its name is put in the mysong.txt file (in your home directory).

The next part is dependent on your email client. In most good mail clients (like Mozilla Thunderbird) you can attach a file as a signature. Use mysong.txt as your signature file and ur done with.

PS 1:Me listening to Iron_Maiden-Brave_New_World

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