Gentoo livecd installer problems(ati drivers)

I tried to install Gentoo from the livecd-installer-2007.0 into ma friend’s lappy since i wasn’t in a mood of installing from the stage3 tarball/min livecd….i dont know that it was a buggy release before downloading.The thing is that the gtk installer doesn’t load up and gives errors like
Failed to load module “glx” (module does not exist, 0)
Failed to load module “ati” (module does not exist, 0)

I wasted an hour struggling to start the X-server….issued commands startx,gdm,installer, with no success….then thought of to tweak with Xorg file…I used the VESA driver as drivers wern’t included in the CD.(this seems like gentoo want its users to tweak)heres how i did that:
cd /etc/X11
vi xorg.conf

add the following lines
Driver “ati”
Driver “mesa”

then save the file and start the GUI by issuing startx..(Default Desktop is Gnome)
But this way,u couldn’t use all the GLX capabilities
Anyways if u are a beginner i would suggest you to go with a Stage3 install.for more info see the handbook available at gentoo homepage

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